Thursday, 18 August 2016

I fail i succumb, i fail i succumb. Precautionary movements have been idle all the way through. What is going to happen or what has happened matters to me a very little. I am a visionary but not so precautionary. It is quite similar to what economics teaches me. Sometimes you ought to do things which you are not supposed to do or you dont believe in, for the respect of mindless hunger and strife for success; nowadays money. So what? Everyone does! no one cares! no one fears to face the extinction. Like an unstructured obnoxious parasite i survive within the drenched night along with the nightmares.Its not actually what you perceive, its about how you want others to perceive you. Definition matters. I have read ridiculous philosophies over the period of time yet i couldnt gather a single thought or virtue of the literature. Essence of the existence is notabout living the life, its about surviving like an ugly creatutre. Even a phillospher wishes to be read, wishes to be heard, no matter what his philosphy is meant for. We all are part of the dysfunctional illusion where everyone thinks treats themselves as thinkers. We all have somewhere compromised ourselves for the sake of living. May be for the girl we love, may be wife or may be friends. Compromise is not an excuse for the failures and manifested depressions. We live, we survive, we suffer, we admire and pretend to rise. The ugly truth eventually at some random point everyone understands.

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